my favorit-splashscreen without flybike-logo and advertising available here

I started making skins for sim-aircraft in 2001.
During several years I made skins for FlyII followed by skins for MSFS.
Since the end of 2009 I am primarily aiming my brushes at aircraft for X-Plane.
I prefer making paints depicting a real one , I am not the “What If” or “Fantasy” type.
Nevertheless there are a few exceptions.
I am not in for “Paints on request” either , on the other hand if you want to have one of my paints with your personal touch
like having a customized key-hanger , a photo of your partner (or pet) on the panel, please feel free to mail me.

These pages are showing a collection ( I made more ) of my paints for X-Plane.
MIND! I did not make the models, I was just their painter .

Thats enough small-talk for now,lets start our little tour.